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Avalon Electronics

Avalon Electronics

Specialists in the design and manufacture of high-performance digital and wideband-analogue I/Q data recorders for SIGINT, telemetry and research applications.

We also provide consulting and design services - at all levels of complexity - in fields such as IoT, embedded reference designs, data acquisition and analysis, industrial automation. We can help with concept analysis, schematic capture etc., through to a production-ready project.


With nearly three decades of field experience, our analogue, digital and telecommunications recorders are in service with the world’s leading military and civilian agencies.

unrivalled performance

Our products provide unrivalled performance and reliability in the most demanding static, mobile, shipboard and airborne environments.


The company’s current catalogue includes a wide range of microwave receivers, and analogue & digital I/Q recorders, with models suitable for virtually any class of environment – including: general telecoms and research facilities, fighter and passenger aircraft, UAVs, submarines, surface ships and tracked vehicles. Form-factors available include 19", VPX, SFF enclosures such as VITA 90 (VNX+).

Compatible laboratory versions support post-mission and static data analysis and research in such fields as SIGINT/ELINT, seismology, geophysics, astrophysics and autonomous vehicle infrastructure. Where a particular requirement cannot be satisfied from our standard range, Avalon offers a responsive custom engineering service.
Design Consultancy and Customisation Services
We offer electronics and firmware design services for manufacturers of modules and systems, in such sectors as consumer; industrial; automotive; medical, and defence.

We can help with system and concept planning, PCB layout work and schematic capture, through to a full, production-ready project.

We can customise our existing product range to exactly match your requirements. So, whether you just need an extra channel, perhaps a different bandwidth; wish to discuss integrating your existing equipment with one of our products - or just get help with one of your own projects - please contact us.




If we don’t currently have a standard product that suits your requirements, contact us to discuss a customised solution


Schematic capture, FPGA coding assistance, GUI design, Signal analysis tools


Speak to us about the best ways to integrate our platform designs into your project. Or perhaps you need a particular data analysis tool to work with our recorders.