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Avalon Electronics

Microwave Receivers

Microwave tuner/receiver modules and systems - up to 8 RF input channels as standard, and at up to 40GHz;
Ideal for coherent operation - i.e. DF, ToA; LPI acquisition, etc.
Various I.F. output frequencies and bandwidths;
Standard form-factors: VPX & 19". Options include ATR;
Options such as demodulation and waterfall display functions can be specified.

AE3-series Microwave Receivers

Avalon Electronics 3-series microwave receivers

  • Up to 8 channels as standard
  • Maximum input frequencies: 6GHz, 18GHz and 26.5GHz as standard.
  • Various I.F.s - 70MHz to 2GHz
  • Precision frequency reference
  • Bandwidths: up to 6GHz
  • Up to 64 digital demodulators



0-40GHz Wideband Front-End Module

  • Up to 40GHz maximum input frequency
  • Bandwidth: 100MHz as standard, higher options available.
  • Multiple modules may be utilised to create a coherent array for DF, ToA etc.
  • Main IF output: up to 1GHz
  • Secondary IF outputs, optional
  • SWaP-C optimised.
  • Rugged VPX or ATR enclosures for portable systems
We have a number of boards available as reference designs for you to incorporate into your projects. They utilise the latest components and expertly designed firmware to provide the best performance and reliability.

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