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Avalon Electronics

AE1000 series, Rack-mountable Back-plane Chassis

  • Provided with 19" rack mounting ears for front mounting
  • Rear-mount adaptor brackets available
  • Telescopic slide fixing kits available
  • Available in standard aluminium frame - or fully sealed, rugged versions
  • Standard depth is 500mm but custom sizes can be supplied

Designed to house our new range of modular recorders and accessories, the AE1000 series of back-plane chassis are available in a variety of sizes and with a number of options.

Each standard chassis in the range may be secured into any 19" rack which has an internal depth of at least 500mm.

The recorder and any accessory units are simply inserted and locked into the chassis.

Any electrical or optical connections between installed units are automatically taken care of within the chassis itself...

...whilst external connections on installed units are easily accessible through the apertures at the rear of the chassis.

Currently Available Standard Sizes:
  • AE1003  ............. 3U height, 500mm depth, standard aluminium frame.
  • AE1004  ............. 4U height, 500mm depth, standard aluminium frame.
  • AE1005  ............. 5U height, 500mm depth, standard aluminium frame.
  • AE1013   ............. 3U height, 500mm depth, rugged steel frame.