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  • Two parallel wide-band channels (IF &/or baseband)
  • I.F.s: 160, 140, 70, 60 and 21.4 MHz
  • Four recording bandwidths (100, 50, 25 & 12.5 MHz)
  • 8- and 16-bit recording modes (menu-selectable)
  • 8 TB removable Disk Crate as standard (16TB optional)
  • Built-in down/up-shifting (IF paths)
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Data extraction direct to workstation/network
  • Community-standard headers supported

The compact, self-contained Avalon AE9000-100 SIGINT Disk Recorder is designed to record, reproduce and export up to

two channels of wideband signals at a total bandwidth of up to 100 MHz.

The recording channel can be configured to record either an IF or a baseband (video) signal.

Two user-selectable recording resolutions are offered: 8-bits for routine data collection tasks and 16-bits for high-resolution applications.

User-selectable IFs include 160, 140, 70 and 21.4 MHz. Four user-selectable recording bandwidths are supported: 100, 50, 25 and 12.5 MHz.

The unit’s hot-swappable Disk Crate (SSD standard) can store up to 40 hours of mission data in 1 Ch x 25 MHz (8-bit) recording rates.

Record times are proportionally longer or shorter at different resolutions or bandwidths.

The primary means of local control is by means of a monitor, mouse and keyboard attached to the recorder’s rear panel.

The unit can also be controlled remotely.