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Avalon Electronics


  • Eight IF channels
  • IF: 21.4 MHz
  • Recording BW: 3 MHz
  • 8/16-bit recording resolution
  • Optimised input/output filtering
  • Built-in down- and up-conversion (IF paths)
  • Disk Crate (16 TB SSD)
  • Data extraction direct to workstation/network, or removable USB-3 disk drive (optional), or attached 2.5 in.  eSATA drive.

The Avalon Electronics AE9000-8IF SIGINT Data Recorder is a self-contained unit, designed to record, reproduce and export eight channels of 21.4 MHz IF wideband signals at 3 MHz recording bandwidth per channel. The recording resolution is 8- or 16-bits (user-selectable). The unit’s hot-swappable 16 TB disk crate (SSD as standard) is able to store up to 40 hours of mission data in 8 channel x 3 MHz (8-bit) recording mode.

The primary means of local control is by means of a monitor, mouse and keyboard attached to the recorder’s rear panel. The unit can also be controlled remotely.

As with all Avalon SIGINT analogue recorders, the AE9000-8IF incorporates high-precision anti-alias input filtering and advanced, custom-designed analogue-to-digital conversion techniques in order to provide the signal quality required by critical applications such as LPI (low probability of intercept) and SEI (specific emitter identification). IF signals are down-converted to the selected recording bandwidth using fast digital signal processing (DSP) techniques and recorded as IQ (complex) pairs of samples for easy up-conversion during replay.

In addition to normal analogue replay, recorded data can be exported in digital form directly to an analysis computer via a 10Gb LAN, or to a USB3 portable storage device.