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AE9021 2GHz High performance SIGINT Analogue Data Recorder

  • Bandwidth: 2.0 GHz (8-bit mode), 1.0 GHz (16-bit mode)
  • IF: 3GHz
  • 8/16-bit recording resolution
  • Optimised input/output filtering
  • Built-in down- and up-conversion (IF paths)
  • Store data to accompanying storage module or link to your existing storage systems via 100GbE optical link
  • Data extraction direct to workstation/network or removable USB-3 disk drive
  • Multi-channel interfaces with different IF and bandwidth configurations are optionally available.

The New Avalon AE9021 SIGINT Disk Recorder in a rugged, full-width, 3U enclosure, is designed to record a 3.0 GHz analogue I.F. signal at a bandwidth of up to 2.0 GHz.

The recorder converts and processes 3.0 GHz analogue IF signals with up to 2.0 GHz Bandwidth. It also contains the digital processing electronics required to store and recover digital data recorded to external storage. The rear panel allows access to stored data and live data streams via the 100GbE MTP/MPO fibre-optic connectors or the QSFP28 port.

The recorder is also able to reconstruct the recorded digital samples and output these in their original analogue form.  With the recorder in record or standby modes, the output signal is derived from the record input signal. During playback, the output signal is derived from stored data.

The recorder is designed to be fitted into our new, AE1000-series 19” back-plane chassis and interface with our range of storage modules - but may also be used in stand-alone mode and store to any compatible, remote storage system via a 100GbE fibre-optic link.

Unlike some previous generations of Avalon Disk Recorders, the AE9021 records data in a standard computer file format, thereby dramatically simplifying the selection and copying of critical sections of recorded data.