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Avalon Electronics

AE2001 sFPDP Digital Data Recorder

  • Turn-key recording/playback solutions
  • Can handle multiple sFPDP streams
  • Aggregated recording rates of up to 1600MB/sec
  • Removable, enterprise class SSD storage
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Data extraction direct to workstation/network

The Avalon Electronics AE2001 Serial FPDP Recorder provides users looking to record and playback multiple sFPDP streams with a complete turn-key recording system, which is fully compatible with the VITA 17.1 specification.

Up to 4 sFPDP, user configurable channels can be recorded or played simultaneously, with a maximum aggregated recording rate of 1600MB/sec. A standard QSPF socket is provided for connection to the 4 serial lanes.

The recorder is controlled via an intuitive GUI, allowing the user to configure each channel independently.

Parameters are entered for each channel, specifying: Flow Control; CRC; Copy/Loop - modes of operation.  All parameters contain limit checking for an easy to use, straight out of the box user experience.

The Recorder may be controlled locally or remotely using either an Avalon-developed Windows-based application, or by using the Avalon Command and Control message set.  External control is via the recorder’s 1Gb Ethernet control port.  The Avalon Application can be compiled to operate under a range of Windows and Linux operating systems.

The Avalon Application can control all recorder functions, including: Record, Play, Interface Configuration Settings and Data Management.

The recorder is designed to be fitted into our new, AE1000-series 19” back-plane chassis and interface with our range of storage modules - but may also be used in stand-alone mode and store to any compatible, remote storage system via a 100GbE fibre-optic link.

Recorded data are stored in a Standard File Format allowing transcription and analysis to be readily undertaken using a range of available tools.