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Avalon Electronics

AE3-series Microwave Receivers

  • Up to 26.5GHz maximum input frequency.
  • Main IF output: up to 1GHz as standard; options include 307.2MHz & 2GHz.
  • Optional secondary IF outputs on some models: including 70MHz & 160MHz.
  • Optional demodulator – AM/Log AM/FM
  • Bandwidths up to 6GHz
  • Ethernet & RS422/RS485 connectivity
  • Real-time FFT/waterfall display option
  • Spectrum inversion selectable for all bandwidths
  • Internal precision reference with external ref. in/out.
  • SWaP-C optimised
  • Rugged enclosures

Avalon AE3-series wide bandwidth microwave receivers are designed to accept a microwave input up to 26.5GHz; to provide fixed and user-controlled conditioning and conversion as desired; then to provide IF outputs and - optionally - demodulated outputs.

In common with our recorders, Avalon receivers are designed for a wide range of operating environments and platform applications, including: laboratory, road vehicle, field-portable, surface ships, submarines, and jet/turboprop ‘passenger’ aircraft.

They are available in standard or ruggedised 19" rack-mountable housings, VPX form-factors, or ATR enclosures.